David A. Mallette, B.A., M.S.


I have several decades at and beyond the leading edge in applied instructional systems technology. My career began being selected after a worldwide search to design, staff, train, and equip the Center for Educational Technology of the National University of Singapore, one of the most highly regarded universities in the world. At the University of North Texas, I developed a three-course sequence in instructional design and production as well as a sophisticated computer-based training system. Half those who completed my course have gone on to successful careers in instructional design and related fields. I have remained in the upper few percent of my field and applied it in diverse areas of higher education, institutions, government, military, and industry.

As a contractor for the Army, I designed Mine/Countermine, Counter Explosives Hazards Course simulations course, and IED Detection courses on location and was commended for my efforts. I have extensive examples and documentation of my work on those projects and a letter of commendation concerning them. My experience reading, interpreting, and applying complex government contracts and regulations is extensive and highly regarded. On a contract at Sheppard AFB, I managed development of F-15 Crew Chief, C-130 and C5A Loadmaster, and a wide variety of other courses. In depth experience from the wellhead to the refinery in the energy industry, including development of the Personnel Development Center and E-Learning operation for Helmerich & Payne Int’l Drilling Company, which became the largest and most successful drilling company in the United States during my years there. The team I developed from the ground up consisted, in its final form, of an Instructional Design team, a Programming Team, an LMS Administrator, a Video Production Group consisting of field videographers, technical writers, and graphic design, and a 3D designer.

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