Production Safety Systems Training Simulator and Simulation


Note the instruction to move the mouse to the right to  view more of the screen. This is one of the many functions we had that Windows, Mac, or LINUX cannot do. We called it “virtual screens” and they could extend as far as you wanted beyond the right, left, bottom, or top of the screen. This allowed the student to simply move their mouse to the edge and the screen would scroll proportionally in that direction to show more of the screen. It was highly successful and intuitive. We also had a variety of sizes and types of mouse cursors for a variety of purposes.

PSST Overview (Click to download item)

SimStation01PSST remains a landmark work. It was developed by myself and a team of my former students from the University of North Texas for ARCO Exploration and Production Technology to improve results, and save time and money on Federally required certifications. The technology was far in advance of its time and it remained in service until the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster changed Federal requirements. When developed there was no portable computer capable of running simulations except one UNIX based OS. As we developed it, it still remains far superior to Windows in stability, preemptive multi-tasking, and user functionality. We could overlay buttons directly onto video, something Windows cannot do. We designed and built SimStation from the ground up with the most advanced technology such as full motion full screen video, 8 individually addressable sound channels, and a variety of other innovations that were beyond anything else in use at the time. I also designed  an on board LCMS that was among the first designed. Additionally, I was tasked by the Minerals Management Service to rewrite sections of the Code of Federal Regulations to cover the use of interactive training because training was counted in hours rather than results. Cost was 2.5 million dollars and was fully recovered in less than six months, as six major oil companies paid to use it. Reductions were about 80 percent in time and about the same for cost of conventional instruction. Further, outcomes and performance of those completing the course was vastly improved.

PIPARCO (Click to download item)

PSST Proposal and Implementation Plan with test banks and concordance with Federal regulations.

PSSTSG  (Click to download item)

PSST Student Study Guide

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