Personal Video and Photography Examples

This is purely personal “work.” However, it shows some of my volunteer efforts in my home city to preserve landmarks. These are  as high quality HD as the site allows, so you will  need a good bandwidth of at least 5 Mbps to view without hesitation. Both are short, about 5 minutes, and involve music. High quality speakers or headphones will improve the experience.

The first one was a  collaborative effort involving the  performers of the song, a superb local drone owner/operator, and my own work in producing and editing the piece for my Regional Music Heritage Center. It’s an optimistic piece concerning the good things going on in our old central business district and the city as a whole. That hulk of a hotel shown a couple of times and during the end sequence is receiving a 30 million dollar overhaul. I  envisioned this work on first hearing the great song “Texarkana” by the Mood Kings.

The second one is a bit more critical of what is not being done. All of it, except for Donald Grant’s extraordinary “Lament for Mulroy,” is my own work. It was all produced from stills I shot using pan and scan techniques. It was inspired from the moment I heard this great piece of music. I am known for my work synchronizing visuals and music and it is both part of my professional skills and also a hobby.

To view in full screen, right click in the video and choose “open in new tab,” then click on the view full screen widget in the lower right control area as shown in the below image.


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