Extended Boom Forklift Load Chart Simulator


I was shocked to find that the forklift is the most accident-prone piece of equipment in the United States with over 100,000 annually. The worst ones are caused by ignoring or improper use of the load chart. The fact is, the certification process for new forklift operators often doesn’t really spend a lot of time on it. Extended Boom Rough Terrain Forklifts as used in the oilfield are particularly dangerous in the hands of a poorly trained and disciplined operator. This fairly simple simulator offered trainees direct experience by testing them lifting a variety of loads to various heights and boom extensions, while notifying them immediately when they entered a no-go zone. I designed a version that could be integrated directly into forklifts to provide a similar function on actual devices. While we are “learning engineers” and certainly not any other kind, studying tasks and machines often reveals areas where designs can be improved for safety and efficiency.

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