Professional Video Example-TechTips

This is one of 46 “TechTips” produced for use at pre-tour safety meetings. It was not intended to be training, but a refresher for those who had passed the interactive online training on the same topic. Generally taking no more than a day to produce, the series used ILT staff that the rig personnel knew already and they worked largely extemporaneously from bare outlines. I found that the field workers responded better to “folks like them” than to professional, polished narrators. The video would serve as a refresher and when used along with Quick Reference Cards covering the procedure ensured field compliance with safety protocols and procedures. By the time this was produced in 2012 I had a full professional staff for video including 3D, technical writers, videographers, editors, and graphics. All productions were under my design and supervision. The intro was standard for the “TechTips” series, and the credits standard for all productions. This version is at 720p so as to ensure smooth playback on low bandwidth connections. By this time, I’d acquired 4k acquisition for my video group, as it immediately provided for more efficiency by allowing zoom and pan and scan without visible deterioration, as well as providing future proofing for our work.

To view in full screen, right click in the video and choose “open in new tab,” then click on the view full screen widget in the lower right control area.

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