Refractometer Simulator


I built this simulation of a device used to test anti-freeze in about a half a day, and it was the first simulator I produced for HPIDC. When first hired, I was viewed with contempt by the SMEs as an academic with new boots. They could not see what I would add to the training function. One day I was entering the office and saw one of them with a refractometer out reading the instructions. I asked him what it was, and he told me, and that errors made in the field with the simple device were costing a lot of money and downtime. I asked if it could borrow it for a while. I took it back to my office, read the instructions, and proceeded to build a simulation. All the images were made by putting the instrument and case in various modes on the bed of a flatbed scanner. They have a remarkable depth of field. I then cut out the various components and used the to create sim. It is silent and highly efficient. When I took it back to my colleague the next day, he went through it in about 3 minutes (it took him ten to read the instructions). He stared at the screen silently and then turned to be and said “I get it now, Dave. I can spend 20 minutes teaching this to 20 crewmen in a classroom, but you’ve done something here that will teach 5,000 the same thing right on the rig.” He became my good friend, supporter, and one of my staff.

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