Variable Frequency Drive House Startup Simulator

The VFD House is  literally the heart of the rig. Until it is brought on line there is no power on the rig at all. Any time lost once it is ready to start up is counted in thousands of dollars per hour. All steps have to be completed in sequence, and some of them can cause critical failures and a great deal of lost time, or worse. The simulator below provided an massive improvement in field performance over ILT or OJT. Once a student had completed the 4 modules, they had to complete this simulation with no prompts. Once certified, they were given a Quick Reference Card that covered all the steps to bringing these two large engines and two 2500hp generators on line.

VFD House

This is the VFD House. It houses two Caterpillar 3512B engines and two 2500hp generators, as well as the control panels below.

VFD Board

Every control, meter, or function on the above control panel worked, displayed, and functioned just as the real thing.


The Caterpillar panel above is for a specific 3512B engine. Here again, every item on this  panel worked just as in the real world,  right down to sound.


The Quick  Reference  Card  above shows  all  the  steps  covered in the simulator and served to keep the field personnel on the right path. If hard to read, click this link. QRCVFD (View  or download Quick Reference Card)

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