3D Modeling

In my profession I generally use professional 3D modelers, whether staff or third party, to handle my designs. However, I usually do the renderings for video myself. An example of that is found as the standard credit I developed for HPIDC and will be found in my professional video sample.

I always learn enough of every skill required to manage learning development professionals, including video, photography, audio engineering, vector and bitmap graphic design, publishing applications, and 3D modeling to name a few.

These are some I’ve done on my own in the past couple of years for various city and civic duties. I enjoy re-imagining things.

Broad and Stateline, Texarkana. I build these based on photos of the real structures, some of which are abandoned. Some objects are modified from libraries, which is much more efficient than  building from scratch. All the lights I have created and added, including those lighting the interior of the Amtrak train in the upper left
Close up of reflecting pool proposed to go on the State Line in front of a restored Union Station.
120417b_Scene 3
The next few are various views of an abandoned downtown building I have re-envisioned as the Regional Music Heritage Center on whose board I serve. Every light source you see here is independent and completely controllable. 
Front of proposed RMHC


Just inside the front door of the RMHC.
120417_Scene 2
Control areas for audio and video of the RMHC set up as a movie and listening area.
RMHC offices in the sub basement.

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