Center for Educational Technology, National University of Singapore


Design for broadcast quality video production studios. Singapore Broadcasting Company used these for a variety of purposes, including a speech by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yu. As an AutoCAD drawing, the lines are small. Please download as a PDF for close examination.

cetnus  Design for above studio in zoom-able form.

CET was chartered in late 1984, but it took over a year to establish budget and facilities. I was hired after a world wide search as Senior Educational Technologist and Acting Director to design and equip facilities and acquire and train staff. We establish strong ties with the government, the Singapore Institute for Standards and Industrial Research, the Singapore Association for Informatics in Medicine, Nanyang Technical Institute, and others.
It is now much larger and known as CDTL, but the statements of purpose and methodology from the current NUS website below have changed little from those we drew up.

Wonderfully diverse staff of people from cultures like Singaporean, Malay, Japanese, British as well as 6 major religions that kept us celebrating something every week.


To be a globally renowned Centre that innovates and shares good practices in faculty engagement with teaching and learning and in the use of technology and emerging media for creating significant learning experiences.
To help advance cutting edge, evidence-based, impactful teaching and learning practices in ways that support the educational vision of NUS.

Offer high quality professional development programmes and consulting service to the NUS teaching community at both introductory and advanced levels.

  • Technology enabled, novel delivery and participation models will be innovated as appropriate.
  • Work collaboratively with the Centre for Instructional Technology to support NUS faculty in flexibly and creatively blending technology to stimulate personalized and higher order learning in students. To this end, build a core team of outstanding facilitators who can straddle pedagogy and technology in a seamless fashion.
  • Forge close partnership with departments and faculty groups from across campus to initiate and sustain substantive and transformative conversations about student learning.
  • Offer niche programmes to imbue broadly applicable skills, abilities and attitudes in our students so that they may fully benefit from the NUS educational experience.
  • Engage in and promote the scholarship of teaching and learning within and beyond NUS. Conduct periodic symposia, teaching institutes etc. with local and prestigious global partners.


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