Technical Writing, Graphics, Photography, and Publications Design

Is Training the Solution?   Click to save or magnify

Developed this for use to help line managers determine whether training was the solution. Fact is, it is not as often or more than it is and much money and time is wasted on it where much simpler and less costly steps should be used. Analysis


EDM Click to download “A Practical Guide to EDM Electrode Material Selection”POCODuratrans

Electrical Discharge Machining remains a critical, but largely unknown industry as those who practice it are very few and highly specialized. This technical manual was the first major project I had after graduate school and is probably still unique. No one had ever researched or documented the history of EDM, no one had ever photographed a single EDM spark, and no one had documented the process. These are only some of the landmarks in this book produced for UNOCAL Chemicals, POCO Graphite division. All of the graphics were designed by me on PC, then reproduced at print resolution on mainframe as the PCs available could not handle the required resolution at the time. I had the only PC in the company at the time, and introduced them. I have not included a lot of pages of purely technical data as it is not relevant for most of you. I included a single page of graphed results from one of the hundreds of tests done and analyzed to produce this work. The analysis was done by the lab, but I translated it to to machinist speak and produced the graphs to make it meaningful. All photography is mine, and I traveled from coast to coast to shoot it under difficult conditions.

The Legend of Boggy Creek Original Oil on Canvas

BoggyCreekProgram   Click to download

Put this together last summer for Pamela Pierce Barcelou, daughter of well-known early independent filmmaker Charles B. Pierce. I performed a number of services to Pam including setup and balancing of massive Klipsch Professional Loudspeakers for the premiere. It was a lot of fun.

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