K-12 Education

The Story of Scott Joplin

Calculated risk to put up a rough cut, but this is an important work in progress at this moment. While the content is complete, I am awaiting input from the author before re-recording the very rough narration, and then will tweak timings, sync and probably replace some graphics and such. A good programmer, or video maker, doesn’t spend time polishing until the client has signed off on the content and general treatment.

This will be in two versions. One, as seen here in the video, for instructor led use with menus. The other will be for on demand individual instruction with frequent checks on learning, a pre and post test.

The piece is targeted at elementary school students. It isn’t my first rodeo, as I produced some 300 pieces of K-12 materials in one of my first jobs many years ago. It is the story of Scott Joplin, King of Ragtime. The author has agreed to let my non-profit Regional Music Heritage Center use it as part of our educational mission to area students. It will be followed by a piece for use in secondary and post-secondary education called “Fountainhead of American Music.”

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