Press and media

My first experiences were in the media and broadcasting and I put myself through college as a DJ, talk host, journalist, and producer. It led through a long path to media production for education but the early disciplne and experience paid off. I continue to remain active in PR as Director of Operations, Regional Music Heritage Center which handles all press releases and inquiries. I also still freelance write for newspapers and journals. Click on the thumbnail images to open the PDFs.

Performance Safety Systems Training was, to my knowledge, the first entirely on-demand, interactive training, simulations, and testing program approved by the Federal government to replace classroom training. My staff and I designed the highly advanced UNIX based computer and augmented it with Laserdisc video, and CD…both virtually unknow in computer design. It proved incredibly cost efficient and paid its 2.5 million dollar development cost off in 6 months. It was the premier training system in the oil industry until the BP Horizon disaster in 2008 changed the rules.

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