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Project Management Example


Solid project management is required most when execution is both departmentally team based, as well as cross malfunction with other business units. This is part of a project management plan for installation of an LMS system. An experienced training manager knows precisely when  it’s time for a collaborative project management plan. It’s especially effective when shared with stakeholders via SharePoint or similar collaboration tools.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Inventory

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

ADDIE Based Instructional Design (10+ years)

Instructional Design (10+ years)

Articulate (5 years)


Microsoft Office (10+ years)

Visio CAD and Technical Drawing (10+ years)

AutoCAD (5 years)

Sketchup 3D Modeling with VRay Rendering and Lighting (10+ years)

Adobe Creative Suite and other graphic editors (10+ years)

Opus Professional Authoring, Simulations, and Rapid Prototyping (10+ years)

Adobe Premiere, Elements, Power Director, and other video editors (10+ years)

Audacity, Sound Forge, and other audio editors (10+ years)

LMS Systems, wide variety off the shelf, administration, customization, and design (10+ years)

PC Custom Design (10+ years)

SCORM/AICC (10+ years)

Radio/TV Broadcasting (10+ years)

Technical/Non-Technical/Journalism Writing (10+ years)

Script Writing and Storyboard Design (10+ years)

Narration and On Screen (10+ years)

Photography and Videography (10+ years)

Learning and Production Facilities Design and Equipping (10+ years)

E-Learning (10+ years)

HTML (5 years)

Storyline (5 years)


Instruction (10+ years)

Instructional Systems Technology (10+ years)

Blending Learning (10+ years)

Simulations (10+ years)

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Competency Essay


Competency (Click the link to download item)

This is an essay I wrote on the definition of competency and its critical nature. Like quality before Deming’s famous definition as “Quality is defined as fitness for intended use,” competency has always been a moving target. Deming inspired me to use the same term for competency as a terminal value…when a person can perform a task at the level required, they are competent. Investment in training beyond that point is a waste unless it is for a different competency. The above illustration is the delta from pre and post testing of experienced forklift operators. Only 8 scored the minimum competency level on the pretest, All 21 scored the minimum competency level or above after the training.

Comprehensive Unified Training Plan


CUTPCMI (Click the link to download PowerPoint)

This PowerPoint is a highly technical overview of my Comprehensive Unified Training Plan designed specifically for graduate degree holding Instructional Systems Technologists on my staff. Even they needed introduction to the advanced terms and methodologies I was working on with IEEE and the Tin Can API project. Run it with two monitors so as to be able to read the presenter notes. Otherwise, it will be a bit hard to digest for many.