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Counter Explosives Hazards Course Simulation


CEHC Mod B Storyboard

Completed storyboard for a single module of a complex simulations and training course I designed for the Army Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Leonard Wood. The map above was part of the course. Images below are from terrains I generated in 3D software of various areas of the map. I received a letter of commendations that can be seen in the Letters and Commendations file on this site.

pop┬áThis image from from the lower left of the map between the two hilltops with 2nd and 3rd Platoons. The road, defile, and bridge are on the map. There were several explosive hazards in this image, IED’s, and mines. If activated they caused immediate failure and an explosion the student experienced.


Road from map along the River Styx with IED’s.