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Flowcharts for various software I’ve designed.

Competency Test and Assessment System


Please download this design to view. The Competency Assessment System is one of the most advanced of its kind. It was developed with consultation from Dr. Fred Oswald of Rice University, Professor and Chair of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Chairman of the Graduate Committee and one of the worlds leading experts in test and measurement. It has capabilities few have seen before and is based on extensions of SCORM 2.0 concepts I was worked on with an international committee of the IEEE. The definition of terms should be reviewed first. I own this design.



Training and Testing for Staff-Objectives

Objectives (002)   (Click to view item)

This is a non-functional PDF of a little interactive piece I programmed to test prospective employees on their knowledge of performance-based, criterion-referenced objectives. I also used it as a training tool for SME’s and technical writers. It proved highly successful for such a small program produced in less than a day. It is based on Dr. Robert F. Mager’s “Preparing Instructional Objectives,” which I consider the seminal work in the field.