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Press and media

My first experiences were in the media and broadcasting and I put myself through college as a DJ, talk host, journalist, and producer. It led through a long path to media production for education but the early disciplne and experience paid off. I continue to remain active in PR as Director of Operations, Regional Music Heritage Center which handles all press releases and inquiries. I also still freelance write for newspapers and journals. Click on the thumbnail images to open the PDFs.

Performance Safety Systems Training was, to my knowledge, the first entirely on-demand, interactive training, simulations, and testing program approved by the Federal government to replace classroom training. My staff and I designed the highly advanced UNIX based computer and augmented it with Laserdisc video, and CD…both virtually unknow in computer design. It proved incredibly cost efficient and paid its 2.5 million dollar development cost off in 6 months. It was the premier training system in the oil industry until the BP Horizon disaster in 2008 changed the rules.

K-12 Education

The Story of Scott Joplin

Calculated risk to put up a rough cut, but this is an important work in progress at this moment. While the content is complete, I am awaiting input from the author before re-recording the very rough narration, and then will tweak timings, sync and probably replace some graphics and such. A good programmer, or video maker, doesn’t spend time polishing until the client has signed off on the content and general treatment.

This will be in two versions. One, as seen here in the video, for instructor led use with menus. The other will be for on demand individual instruction with frequent checks on learning, a pre and post test.

The piece is targeted at elementary school students. It isn’t my first rodeo, as I produced some 300 pieces of K-12 materials in one of my first jobs many years ago. It is the story of Scott Joplin, King of Ragtime. The author has agreed to let my non-profit Regional Music Heritage Center use it as part of our educational mission to area students. It will be followed by a piece for use in secondary and post-secondary education called “Fountainhead of American Music.”

Web Design-Regional Music Heritage Center

My latest project is a rework of the web site for Regional Music Heritage Center, an NPO that I founded and is in the blue ink after three years. We now have three annual events, all subscriber and grant funded, covering several genres of music that either originated in the region or were highly influenced by it. As of this post, it is extensive after 7 days of work, but will be significantly expanded. It features a lot of video, some of it produced by me, and a lot of audio files and images. Research and text is mostly by me and the layout is mine.

Regional Music Heritage Center

Technical Writing, Graphics, Photography, and Publications Design

Is Training the Solution?   Click to save or magnify

Developed this for use to help line managers determine whether training was the solution. Fact is, it is not as often or more than it is and much money and time is wasted on it where much simpler and less costly steps should be used. Analysis


EDM Click to download “A Practical Guide to EDM Electrode Material Selection”POCODuratrans

Electrical Discharge Machining remains a critical, but largely unknown industry as those who practice it are very few and highly specialized. This technical manual was the first major project I had after graduate school and is probably still unique. No one had ever researched or documented the history of EDM, no one had ever photographed a single EDM spark, and no one had documented the process. These are only some of the landmarks in this book produced for UNOCAL Chemicals, POCO Graphite division. All of the graphics were designed by me on PC, then reproduced at print resolution on mainframe as the PCs available could not handle the required resolution at the time. I had the only PC in the company at the time, and introduced them. I have not included a lot of pages of purely technical data as it is not relevant for most of you. I included a single page of graphed results from one of the hundreds of tests done and analyzed to produce this work. The analysis was done by the lab, but I translated it to to machinist speak and produced the graphs to make it meaningful. All photography is mine, and I traveled from coast to coast to shoot it under difficult conditions.

The Legend of Boggy Creek Original Oil on Canvas

BoggyCreekProgram   Click to download

Put this together last summer for Pamela Pierce Barcelou, daughter of well-known early independent filmmaker Charles B. Pierce. I performed a number of services to Pam including setup and balancing of massive Klipsch Professional Loudspeakers for the premiere. It was a lot of fun.

Center for Educational Technology, National University of Singapore


Design for broadcast quality video production studios. Singapore Broadcasting Company used these for a variety of purposes, including a speech by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yu. As an AutoCAD drawing, the lines are small. Please download as a PDF for close examination.

cetnus  Design for above studio in zoom-able form.

CET was chartered in late 1984, but it took over a year to establish budget and facilities. I was hired after a world wide search as Senior Educational Technologist and Acting Director to design and equip facilities and acquire and train staff. We establish strong ties with the government, the Singapore Institute for Standards and Industrial Research, the Singapore Association for Informatics in Medicine, Nanyang Technical Institute, and others.
It is now much larger and known as CDTL, but the statements of purpose and methodology from the current NUS website below have changed little from those we drew up.

Wonderfully diverse staff of people from cultures like Singaporean, Malay, Japanese, British as well as 6 major religions that kept us celebrating something every week.


To be a globally renowned Centre that innovates and shares good practices in faculty engagement with teaching and learning and in the use of technology and emerging media for creating significant learning experiences.
To help advance cutting edge, evidence-based, impactful teaching and learning practices in ways that support the educational vision of NUS.

Offer high quality professional development programmes and consulting service to the NUS teaching community at both introductory and advanced levels.

  • Technology enabled, novel delivery and participation models will be innovated as appropriate.
  • Work collaboratively with the Centre for Instructional Technology to support NUS faculty in flexibly and creatively blending technology to stimulate personalized and higher order learning in students. To this end, build a core team of outstanding facilitators who can straddle pedagogy and technology in a seamless fashion.
  • Forge close partnership with departments and faculty groups from across campus to initiate and sustain substantive and transformative conversations about student learning.
  • Offer niche programmes to imbue broadly applicable skills, abilities and attitudes in our students so that they may fully benefit from the NUS educational experience.
  • Engage in and promote the scholarship of teaching and learning within and beyond NUS. Conduct periodic symposia, teaching institutes etc. with local and prestigious global partners.


3D Modeling

In my profession I generally use professional 3D modelers, whether staff or third party, to handle my designs. However, I usually do the renderings for video myself. An example of that is found as the standard credit I developed for HPIDC and will be found in my professional video sample.

I always learn enough of every skill required to manage learning development professionals, including video, photography, audio engineering, vector and bitmap graphic design, publishing applications, and 3D modeling to name a few.

These are some I’ve done on my own in the past couple of years for various city and civic duties. I enjoy re-imagining things.

Broad and Stateline, Texarkana. I build these based on photos of the real structures, some of which are abandoned. Some objects are modified from libraries, which is much more efficient than  building from scratch. All the lights I have created and added, including those lighting the interior of the Amtrak train in the upper left
Close up of reflecting pool proposed to go on the State Line in front of a restored Union Station.
120417b_Scene 3
The next few are various views of an abandoned downtown building I have re-envisioned as the Regional Music Heritage Center on whose board I serve. Every light source you see here is independent and completely controllable. 
Front of proposed RMHC


Just inside the front door of the RMHC.
120417_Scene 2
Control areas for audio and video of the RMHC set up as a movie and listening area.
RMHC offices in the sub basement.

Counter Explosives Hazards Course Simulation


CEHC Mod B Storyboard

Completed storyboard for a single module of a complex simulations and training course I designed for the Army Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Leonard Wood. The map above was part of the course. Images below are from terrains I generated in 3D software of various areas of the map. I received a letter of commendations that can be seen in the Letters and Commendations file on this site.

pop This image from from the lower left of the map between the two hilltops with 2nd and 3rd Platoons. The road, defile, and bridge are on the map. There were several explosive hazards in this image, IED’s, and mines. If activated they caused immediate failure and an explosion the student experienced.


Road from map along the River Styx with IED’s.

David A. Mallette, B.A., M.S.


I have several decades at and beyond the leading edge in applied instructional systems technology. My career began being selected after a worldwide search to design, staff, train, and equip the Center for Educational Technology of the National University of Singapore, one of the most highly regarded universities in the world. At the University of North Texas, I developed a three-course sequence in instructional design and production as well as a sophisticated computer-based training system. Half those who completed my course have gone on to successful careers in instructional design and related fields. I have remained in the upper few percent of my field and applied it in diverse areas of higher education, institutions, government, military, and industry.

As a contractor for the Army, I designed Mine/Countermine, Counter Explosives Hazards Course simulations course, and IED Detection courses on location and was commended for my efforts. I have extensive examples and documentation of my work on those projects and a letter of commendation concerning them. My experience reading, interpreting, and applying complex government contracts and regulations is extensive and highly regarded. On a contract at Sheppard AFB, I managed development of F-15 Crew Chief, C-130 and C5A Loadmaster, and a wide variety of other courses. In depth experience from the wellhead to the refinery in the energy industry, including development of the Personnel Development Center and E-Learning operation for Helmerich & Payne Int’l Drilling Company, which became the largest and most successful drilling company in the United States during my years there. The team I developed from the ground up consisted, in its final form, of an Instructional Design team, a Programming Team, an LMS Administrator, a Video Production Group consisting of field videographers, technical writers, and graphic design, and a 3D designer.